Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for raising the funds to support the Council’s various endeavor’s, including the scholarships given each year.  In order to accomplish that, several activities are put together each year that not only raise the necessary funds but also benefit the students and Crooms AoIT as a whole.  The main event put on by this committee is TechFest.

Tech Fest is our signature event created by the Business Advisory Council to allow students, teachers and the business community to network and explore the “wow” in IT.

This event features an opportunity for the Business Advisory Council to network with our students©. The benefactor of TechFest is our scholarship endowment. Exhibitions at TechFest are one of those rare avenues where you can see and experience the grandeur of what the world calls modern technology. With an unparalleled variety of exhibits, TechFest has seen a healthy exchange of knowledge in a delightful way.

The technology in your business gets exposure to our students and other businesses in the community, and the Central Florida technology community wins by continuing to build future leaders of our industry.

For more information, including how to become a participant, please visit our TechFest website.

TechFest History

The following are the amounts of money raised by the Techfest Event each year.

TechFest I$9,253.24
TechFest II$14,250.00
TechFest III$17,250.00
TechFest IV$18,250.00
TechFest V$13,050.00
TechFest VI$22,443.00
TechFest VII$22,849.50
TechFest VIII$27,431.82
TechFest IX$19,430.35
TechFest X$25,243.81
TechFest XI$25,851.00
TechFest XII$28,850.00
Techfest XII$32,805.00
Techfest XIV$34,950.00
Grand Total$304,677.41