Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive “committee” is the driving force of the Council. They decide what is important, who will handle what, and how it will be accomplished.The Executive “committee” is made up of the Council Chairman, Council Vice Chairman, Council Treasurer, Council Recorder, Council Business/School Liaison, and the Chairs and Assistant Chairs of each committee. They are the driving force that directs the efforts of the Council and its members.

Executive Positions

Chairman (O)RT HilleryFlorida SPECS/RLH C&M Incchair@croomsbac.org
Vice Chairman (E)John MarraSiemensvice_chair@croomsbac.org
Treasurer (O)Vacant
PrincipalDr. Brandon HanshawSCPS (Crooms Academy)brandon_hanshaw@scps.k12.fl.us
BAC/School LiaisonCathy AlperSCPS (Crooms Academy)liaison@croomsbac.org

Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs





Work Site Tours/Internship

All positions of the Executive Committee have a two year term. Position elections are rotated on an odd (O) and even (E) year basis.
Nominations for all positions will occur during the August Council meeting. Voting/Elections will occur during the October Council meeting. Elected members will transition into positions for the January Council meeting.

Contact the Executive Committee: executive@croomsbac.org